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Used Dytran 4115B Current Source Power Unit - ITEM#: 810013


This Dytran 4115B Current Source Power Unit is used, but in good condition. It came out of a working facility that closed one of their locations. Detail: Adjustable current, AC/DC coupled, buffered output, zero adjustable, BNC jack input connector, BNC jack output connector
Dytran model 4115B power unit is a line powered, single channel, power unit. It features an AC/DC coupling mode selector switch for situations where DC coupling is not advisable, such as in thermally unstable environments.
When using IEPE sensors at very low frequencies (<5 Hz) or for quasi static (close to DC) applications, the method of decoupling the sensor signal from the approximate +10 volt DC bias of the sensor amplifier, can be a limiting factor in system low frequency response.
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