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Used U-Shape Desk Set With Walnut Laminate - ITEM#: 120347

QTY: 1 - MANUFACTURER: Performance

This U-shape desk set is in excellent condition. It has a very nice looking walnut laminate finish. It includes the desk, bridge, porkchop credenza, and overhead hutch. It includes one drawer assembly (on the left side of the desk). If you need extra storage, we can install a 2nd drawer assembly for an added cost. Dimensions (desk): 66"W x 30"D - (bridge): 42"W x 24"D - (porkchop credenza): 66"W x 36"W (24"D) - (hutch): 66"W x 15"D x 36"H. Sorry about the poor quality photos. The desk was disassembled and palletized so that's all we've got right now. It really is a nice set though - and in great shape. You can see from the photo on the pallet, the desk has a slight overhang, so people can sit up against your desk when they come into your office.
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