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Used Rosenmund De Dietrich 200L Nutsche Filter - ITEM#: 745043

QTY: 1 - MANUFACTURER: Rosenmund

This system was purchased in 2018 for a project that never ended up moving forward. It does not include an agitator or chiller. In addition the the main unit, two filter plates were purchased, as well as 2 O-rings. These parts are included as well:

This Rosenmund filter/dryer performs a multitude of tasks including filtration, displacement or reslurry washing, vacuum or convection drying. It can discharge wet cake, slurry, liquid, or dried cake to less than 0.1% moisture.

The Rosenmund brand is well known for high quality filtration and drying equipment in pharmaceutical and chemical processes. A long time leader in innovation of filter-dryers, Rosenmund has been integrated in the De Dietrich Process Systems group since 1999.

FILTER, S/S, Used .25 sq meter Rosenmund pressure nutsche filter, model HANDFILTER, stainless steel construction, rated 90 psi and full vacuum at 350 f internal, jacketed for 100 psi at 350 f, with hydraulic bowl lift/lower mechanism driven by 5 hp, 230/460 volt power pack, vessel certified by Industrial Pipe, serial# W5082, national board# 910, Rosenmund job# 89-RF-119, serial# RLF0.25-468-90, built 1990.

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