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Used CI Precision Sade SP-440 Weight Sorter - ITEM#: 745042


This unit was purchased just recently for a project, but it never ended up getting used, so it's now available for sale. It is in like-new condition, and everything is working perfectly. See invoice (the last picture).

The SADE SP Series sorter/sampler units are designed for use in pharmaceutical production quality control and research and development to provide sorting by weight of individual tablets or capsules into accept or reject categories.

Typical applications include reclaiming acceptable product from batches that have failed or been rejected on a weight basis and for use in clinical trials or research and development departments where 100% sorting is required. The unit can also be used for batch sampling by automatically weighing and analysing samples according to E.P. (European Pharmacopoeia) or custom defined limits. A comprehensive range of reports can be printed that include sort or sample reports and batch summaries that can include statistics, histograms or individual sample weights (sample only).

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