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Used Allsteel Cubicles With Porkchop Shape Worksurfaces - ITEM#: 100051


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≈ Jun, 06 2023

These Allsteel panel stations are used, but in very good condition. They have a grey patterned fabric, cherry trim on top, cherry laminate work surfaces, and dark trim on bottom. Each station includes one work surface (we have 5 porkchop-shape, and one rectangular), one overhead shelf, and one drawer assembly. We DO have enough overhead shelves for all 6 stations (even though they're only installed in one of the pictures). We have a total of 12 panels (6 panels that are 4'W, and 6 panels that are 3'W (spine panels - POWERED). They could also be configured differently (contact us for more information on that). Dimensions (each station): 6'W x 4'D x 67"H.
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