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Used Eppendorf Bioflo Celligen 115 Fermentor Bioreactor - ITEM#: 620113

QTY: 1 - MANUFACTURER: New Brunswick

This New Brunswick Bioflo Celligen 115 Fermentor/Bioreactor system is in good condition overall. Everything works well, although the 3rd pump has some issues and should probably be serviced. It includes everything shown in the photos (except the work benches). There are two reactor vessels included, so one can be used as a spare, or maybe if you're autoclaving one you can use the other, etc. We've also included some sample vials, temperature sensors, etc. This is a 230V model, so we will also include a stepdown voltage transformer so you can run with 120V if case you're unable to source 230V at your facility.
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