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Hamilton Safeaire exhaust hood - explosion proof - ITEM#: 620079


We have one of these Hamilton Safeaire exhaust hoods still available - in good condition. It's explosion-proof. It does not have an integrated fan, so you'll need to provide one externally. These hoods were previously in use at a lab that shut down. The hoods have been cleaned and they are ready for a new home. There are two solvent storage cabinets included that go underneath the hoods (the blue stacked ones below, not the ones under the hood in the hood pic). This hood ALSO includes an epoxy resin top. So the epoxy resin top goes on the cabinets, and the hood sits on that.
DIMENSIONS: 72” W x 31.25” D x 54.25” H
The ducting opening is 23"W x 6"D, and stands 4 3/4" up from the top.
We also have some Phoenix Controls valves available: ITEM #620085
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